The benefits of strength training for seniors

As we age many people believe we should wrap ourselves in cotton wool, that we have to become wary of specific risks and become less active to help minimise the risks of injury or falls. But it couldn’t be more from the truth.

I have been training elderly clients for years. Without fail every client has benefited from resistance training. For all on them lifting weights has become a staple part of their training.

My father (85) has a mate that every morning would ride his bike, with his tennis gear on and racket strapped to his back, past my father’s house on his way to play tennis. This guy is also in his 80’s and said he has been doing this for the past 11 years! He said that getting up early and going to play tennis with his friend has helped keep him young and fit. He does this as well as walking or cycling everywhere (within reason) and weight training in the afternoon at his local gym.

Strength training in seniors has been proven to have MANY health benefits! It helps reduce and eliminate many conditions and diseases leading to a positive impact on quality of life both in and out of the gym.

Below I have listed a few of these benefits:

Reduction of falls.
Strength training helps to increase flexibility and balance, helping to reduce the possibility and severity of a fall. Strength training will help to prevent potential broken bones.

Stronger bones.
Bone mass will gradually decrease as we age. Strength training won’t prevent this entirely however it will increase bone density reducing the risk of bone fractures in those aged 50-75.


Arthritis relief.
strength training has been shown to decrease pain suffered by elderly arthritis sufferers by 43% and increasing their physical performance. Proven to be just as effective, if not more so, as medication. This was proven by Tufts University who conducted a 16 week study on older men and women that suffered from Arthritis.

There are just a few benefits! Take it easy, take it slow and don’t rush into things.

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